Friday, November 6, 2009

Scott Says : " This is how we do a Custom Windows Install"

This is to everyone who's been inquiring on unattended window xp installs and customization. If you go to the following sites there are many how-to's and programs that explain it all. There is a lot of reading to do so make sure you have some spare time :) I can answer most questions you may have on Nlite, BartPE and MSFN. I'm just learning Windows Post-Install.

So let me start off the list:

1) - This is a program that lets you customize your winxp install, from integrating service packs and hot fixes, drivers, disabling services, removing components from the install, integrating the unattend.txt file into the cd and more.

2) - This is Windows Post-Install Wizard a program that allows you to create a custom post install, you can configure and define a list of programs to be included with the install and pick and choose which programs to automatically install after winxp installation.

3) - This is BartPE it allows you to create what is called a Live cd of winxp, which is a bootable and installed version of XP on cd with any/all apps you want. This is useful as a troubleshooting tool when you can't boot into your computer, as you can install tools to fix problems from a windows environment and all its tools.

4) - This is a site that explans how to create a custom windows xp install, can be used with Nlite or on its own.

5) - A great resource for everything windows, specially when it comes to customizing. I highly suggest you create an account (its's free). Any doubts/questions can be answered here and there are tones of how-to's on many subjets.

Have Fun!!


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