Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Great Cause to Support - OneMoreStep.CA

Hello Girls and Guys !

The holiday season is a great time to receive gifts and a time to share the joy and fortune by passing on gifts to loved ones. Lets not forget others who do not have the same opportunities and fortune like we do. Probably the most deserving of these many causes are little kids who are orphaned and have none to call as family.

Thats the reason that I chose to personally support along with my friends. In 2008 we launched a project to collect 1000 $ CAD and use it to get much needed supplies and funds for about 172 kids in two orphanages in remote regions of Vietnam. Instead of sending them funds, we managed to buy supplies, clothes, books, toys and medicine for about 17 Million Vietnamese Dollars !! [ Yeap .. 10$ CAD is enough to feed 20 kids 3 meals each ]

This year we are trying to raise $ 2900 and repeat last year's kind gesture. Please visit the following link to know more of the project.


How can you Help ?

  • Please spread the word by telling your friends and suggesting them to donate even small amounts of 15$ / 20 $. That will go a long way in helping the little kids out.
  • Also, try making a personal contribution yourself for this deserving cause.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Demo : VMWare Basics - Yet Again !

This is for those distinguished folks who could not make it to the last DEMO. Please bring along a Drive with atleast 10Gb capacity if you intend to carry back the VMware s/w and the works.


Starts 1pm 4th December - FRIDAY

Lecture : IP Addressing - 1

Lets learn Binary Number System, IP Addresses, Subnet Masks in this fast paced 2 hour session. Anyone is welcome to join in. But the following students are expected to be in Attendance :

  • Zain Bahnim
  • Shailaja
  • Ajai Jaigobin
  • Shafikul Chowdhury
  • Felicito Onayan
  • Cymbelline Villaranda
  • Ing Tuan Wong Li
  • Inshan Malcolm
  • Dennis Rey

Starts at 11am on 4th December - FRIDAY

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lecture : Open Sessions for the upcoming Weeks

Someone tells me that the Open Sessions for Lecture Topics is very Democratic and allows the students to pick and choose what they want to hear.

[ Makes me feel like a Radio that can be Tuned to Various Stations at the user's Choice .. Neva Mind ! ]

So here is the Schedule :

WED - Dec 02 - 11am
THU - DEC 03 - 1pm

MON - Dec 07 - 11am
TUE - Dec 08 - 1pm

THU - DEC 10 - 11am

have your topics ready, or else.. you will have to listen to my favorite topic "The Story of My LIFE"


College Schedule for Winter Shutdown !

Its here and its official. School remains open from 21st Monday to 23rd Wednesday. Again 28th Monday to 30th Wednesday.

The hours are tentatively set as 9 am to 5pm.

Still leaves enough time for Santa Claus, New Year, Skating, Skiing and Ice-Fishing. Just remember NO CERTIFICATION PRACTICE EXAMS are to be taken from the 18th to 5th January.

I will be here on some of the days of course.


MS Offers up a Rare gesture of Generosity ! Well .. not really

Hey Guys and Girls !

Like I have been saying for quite sometime now, MS wants to somehow get Windows 2008 off the shelves and get some change in its pockets. So far the marketing has drawn flak and the industry insiders know all too well that Server 2008 has no real new feature to justify million dollar spends on costly server hardware and consequently MS software. Agreed, there are IPSec Enhancements, better interface for management and tools like HyperV and WDS. Still, its like the classic case of buying a new car.

Essentially every car has 4 wheels, seats, brakes and a steering wheel. Now the manufacturer will never see repeat business if his latest car looks the same. Just a new body style is not a compelling reason for many to go put 30 - 40K down on a new car. But yea, the fact that the wife and kids find the neighbors car more attractive is enough to goad him to replace again.

MS has this strategy in its pocket. Let the students ( future network administrators ) get certified for less, then let them create an artificial demand in the market at their new employments. Anyways.. its a good chance for everyone to buy vouchers for CHEEEAAP !

How Cheap ? check out the links below.