Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Worthy Cause to Support

Hello All !

One of my personal pursuits is to help out orphans and underprivileged children around the globe. I hope to dedicate much of my time to these worthy causes in the near future. ( Don't worry, I like teaching too and will be continuing my work for quite a bit ! )

Please take time to check out this website. Its my personal project and I organize this each year.

There are Three ways you can help :

A. Log on to the site, check out the nature of our work, the albums and articles. You can support it by buying gift items from the Catalogue. You can either use PayPal or Select Cheque and hand me the cheques or cash in person. Donations can be made from 5$ upwards.

B. If you do not want to donate on the website; but still want to contribute you can bring in all the change lying around your house (pennies, quarters, dimes etc.) to school. I plan on collecting all the change we can and convert it and donate it as "CitiCollege ITCLASS".

Coming Friday, 26th November will be the best time to do this.

C. You could tell your friends and family to donate and spread the word.

Shout back if you guys need any info. This is a personal appeal. You are not REQUIRED to be a part of this. Please only support if you identify with this cause.