Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MS Windows7 Licensing - Decoded

Imagine a bright day in the future. You are the wise old Senior Network Architect working out of the corner office, with a swank young fashionably dressed assistant, a whole team of junior network admins and drive around in a nice Porsche. Hmm.. oki at least a Lexus for reality's sake. One of the biggest challenges you have is to justify to your top management that you indeed deserve the big bucks you are being paid as a salary. Just how do you do that ?

Well that training starts now .. and its called 'Cost Management' and 'Purchase Decision Support'. This is increasingly becoming the work of network admins and its upto us to keep costs for all products; software / hardware as low as possible. One of the biggest software costs to any company are OS licenses being paid out to Microsoft. Use the following article to understand exactly what the options are and also what features you can and cannot get from each version.

More info is available here!

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