Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lecture On Demand !

Hello Student ! Taking into account all the recent feedback and in order to make the lecture and hands on instruction more relevant to your current training, we have compiled a list of lecture topics. You can request for a Lecture topic to be dealt with and will be scheduled for you in the coming week. Alternatively, if not many students will be in attendance for that session; then we can handle it as a one-on-one tutoring session. please email me at with your lecture requests for the coming weeks.

Windows Administration
[ Covers concepts and objectives from exams 70-270, 290 ]

Topics :
Lecture - Deployment Win XP - Imaging, RIS
Lecture - MS Product Families (From DOS to Win 7) and capabilities
Lecture - Work group vs Domain Architecture
Lecture - NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 - Features
* Lecture - POST, Boot Sequence, ARC Paths and Active Partitions
Lecture - Basic & Dynamic Disks, Partitions and Volumes, Partition Table
Lecture - Volume Shadow Copy
Lecture -
Planning a Backup Strategy - Normal, Incremental, Differential and Copy backup
Demo - Creating a Backup Plan and Scheduling
Lecture - Local User Accounts, Domain User accounts
Demo - Creating and Managing user accounts in the Enterprise
Demo - Mass deployment of Multiple user accounts on Windows Domains - CSVDE, LDIFDE
Lecture - Planning and Implementing a Simple Workgroup
Demo - Creating a Windows Workgroup and File and Print Sharing
Demo -
Installing Active Directory and Adding Domain Clients
Lecture - Client Server technologies used in the Enterprise ( DNS, DHCP, WINS, Webservers, Certificate Servers, Directory Servers, Domain Controllers, File Servers, WSUS )

Building Network Infrastructure using Windows Server 2003
[ Covers concepts and objectives from exams 291 ]
Lecture - DHCP Concepts 1
  • Lease process - DORA
  • Exclusions and Reservations
  • Scope, Server and Reservation Options
  • Lease Renewal and Optimizing Lease Times Fault Tolerance using - 80/20 Rule Across Subnets
Demo - DHCP Concepts 1

Lecture - DHCP Concepts 2

  • SupernettingReconciling Scopes
  • Rouge Server Detection
  • DHCP support in ICS, Residential Gateways and RAS

Demo - DHCP Concepts 2

Lecture - DNS Concepts 1
  • Understanding DNS Namespace
  • Zones, Domains, Sub-domains & Delegations
  • Active Directory Integration
  • DNS Server Architecture on the Internet and Intranets
  • The Name resolution Process
  • Zone Transfers and Replication
Demo - DNS Concepts 1

Lecture - DNS Concepts 2

  • DNS Record Types and Glue Records
  • TTL of Name records
  • Primary, Secondary and Stub Zones
  • Caching Only DNS Servers
  • Initiating Zone Transfers
  • Securing the DNS Server cache Against Pollution
Demo - DNS Concepts 2

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