Friday, October 30, 2009

Essential Hands-on Skills in the 70-270 course !

Recently one of your a fellow students called Melvin (names are routinely changed to protect the identity of the individual ) posed a question.

"Arun, is there a list of important things I need to learn to do with XP Pro?"

What he meant was the hands on skills that he would learn as part of the course.

So I have come up with such a list for the 70-270 course :

Installation Skills
  • Run Upgrade Advisor from OS media *!*
  • Create an Unattended Installation using Answer Files and Disk Duplication *!*
  • Convert a Fat32 Volume to NTFS

Networking Skills
  • Configure TCP/IP properties for network cards including DNS Suffixes, WINS Servers etc
  • Release and renew an IP address, clear ARP Cache and DNS client cache
  • Create / Join a Work group with other Windows Systems
  • Join a Windows Active Directory Domain
  • Configure ICF/ICS
  • Create a VPN Connection to a RAS Server
  • Create a Dial-up connection to an ISP
  • Install IIS and host two websites

Troubleshooting Skills
  • Configure remote Assistance and Send RA Invitations to an Expert
  • Start / Stop Services using services console ( Services.msc) and Command prompt ( net start etc. )
  • Create, delete and manage Restore Points
  • Use Taskmanager to identfy resource hungry processes and to kill them
  • Change the startup type of a Service and to manually start / stop / restart a service
  • Configure Startup using MSCONFIG Tool
  • Edit BOOT.INI file
  • Change File Associations for known File Types
  • Access, Search and Backup Windows Registry
  • Boot to Recovery Console and Install it as a Startup Option
  • Boot to Safe mode with networking and use it to roll back a driver

Productivity Skills
  • Configure Outlook Express to access a email server
  • Configure Dual Display and Extended Desktop
  • Install an popular Anti-virus Product like Norton, Avast, Mc Afee and Configure its options and Firewall
  • Install 3rd Party Browsers and Update Plugins for Flash, Java
  • Install Adminpak.MSI
  • Install a Bluetooth Adapter and pair a Bluetooth Device
  • Update DirectX and .Net Framework
  • Configure a manual Wireless connection to a residential gateway / AP using WPA
  • Install a Multifunction Device and configure Printer / Scanner and Fax functions
  • Install a CD-DVD Authoring Program and create Data / Audio / DVD Movies
  • Use Hot Pluggable USB Devices and to Stop a USB Device before physically un-plugging it
  • configure a residential Wireless gateway ( read Wirelss router ) from a Wired connection using the built in Configuration Webpages

Administration and Configuration Skills
  • Create Local users and Groups
  • Modify Local Computer Policy
  • Enable Hibernation and to Create custom Power Management Profiles
  • Install a Local / Network Printer and edit Server properties
  • Create a file share and configure Share and NTFS permissions
  • Map a network Drive
  • Configure Multiple Languages and keyboard Layouts
  • Configure Accessibility options
  • Change a password for an user account without using any console
  • Encrypt an NTFS File and Folder
  • Use Compressed Drives and Folders

*!* Skills that are needed for your 70-270 exam but are not relevant to the industry in general.
This list is by no means EXHAUSTIVE. Please feel free to add any topics I may have forgotten in the comment section below.

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