Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Great Cause to Support - OneMoreStep.CA

Hello Girls and Guys !

The holiday season is a great time to receive gifts and a time to share the joy and fortune by passing on gifts to loved ones. Lets not forget others who do not have the same opportunities and fortune like we do. Probably the most deserving of these many causes are little kids who are orphaned and have none to call as family.

Thats the reason that I chose to personally support along with my friends. In 2008 we launched a project to collect 1000 $ CAD and use it to get much needed supplies and funds for about 172 kids in two orphanages in remote regions of Vietnam. Instead of sending them funds, we managed to buy supplies, clothes, books, toys and medicine for about 17 Million Vietnamese Dollars !! [ Yeap .. 10$ CAD is enough to feed 20 kids 3 meals each ]

This year we are trying to raise $ 2900 and repeat last year's kind gesture. Please visit the following link to know more of the project.


How can you Help ?

  • Please spread the word by telling your friends and suggesting them to donate even small amounts of 15$ / 20 $. That will go a long way in helping the little kids out.
  • Also, try making a personal contribution yourself for this deserving cause.

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